Policy and Disclosure


Advocacy from the Presbyterian Pew is neither run by nor officially associated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). All opinions expressed on this site represent the authors themselves and not that of any individual churches or the denomination as a whole. The abbreviation PCA is a registered trademark of the Presbyterian Church in America and is used on this site strictly under the guidelines of fair use.

Purpose and Intent

This website is designed to be a repository of information and resources for current, former, or future members of the Presbyterian Church in America, or those who care about the actions of the denomination. We do not currently have the resources for investigative journalistic pursuits and it is not our policy to be a site that breaks news naming abusers. However, it is our purpose to provide a collective view of the news coverage of our denomination, especially as it pertains to abuse and we will report on stories published publicly on other sites.


Advocacy from the Presbyterian Pew may link to sources for a number of reasons. First, it is important to give authors and investigative journalists credit for the work they have done. We believe it would be dishonest to present as our own work that was accomplished by someone else. It is also important to link to original sources so that our readers may consider the source information for themselves. Linking to a source does not indicate agreement with everything published by that sources or an endorsement of an organization as a whole. Again, we trust our readers to read with discernment.