Common Abbreviations in the PCA

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) uses a lot of denomination-specific abbreviations. Here's a helpful glossary of the most common ones.

AC - Administrative Committee

AIC - Ad Interim Committee (temporary committee to study a specific issue)

BCO - Book of Church Order

CC- Covenant College (PCA College)

CCB - Committee of Constitutional Business

CDM - Christian Discipleship Ministries (educational publications)

COC - Committee of Commissioners (one of several committees formed of GA Commissioners)

CTS - Covenant Theological Seminary (PCA seminary)

DASA - Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault

IRC - Interchurch Relations Committee

MNA - Mission to North America (local missions)

MTW - Mission to the World (international missions)

OC - Overtures Committee (handles Overtures)

OMSJC - Operating Manual of the Standing Judicial Commission (rules for how the SJC handles cases - see SJC below)

PCA - Presbyterian Church in America

RPR - Review of Presbytery Records (reviews minutes of the Presbytery meetings to make sure they are in order)

RAO - Rules of Assembly Operation (how the meeting is run)

RBI - Retirement Benefits (benefits for PCA Pastors, etc.)

RE - Ruling Elder (we usually just call them elders)

RUF - Reformed University Fellowship (campus ministry)

RUM - Reformed University Ministry (oversees RUF)

SJC - Standing Judicial Commission (committee that decides on cases that come to the GA from Presbyteries)

TE - Teaching Elder (pastor)

What other abbreviations do we need to add to this list?

About the author 

Lynna Sutherland

Lynna has been in the PCA since 1982. Four generations of her family have participated in PCA church planting. Lynna has been around long enough to see the good, the bad, and the ugly and her particular calling is to equip the people in the pew to understand their church government and to advocate for victims of abuse in the PCA.

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